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Before your wax appointment

Before waxing service, please make sure body hair is ½” long (about the size of a grain of rice) for best results.

Discontinue use of any retinol (vitamin A) containing products 7 days before waxing the area.

Please be sure to discuss any concerns, questions, and allergies with the wax specialist before your treatment.

Exfoliate and cleanse the area before your appointment. Exfoliating beforehand loosens dead skin cells and frees any hairs that are not fully exposed. This helps keep your skin smoother, longer, and with less risk of ingrown hairs in the future.

Wear loose fitting clothing. You may have slight swelling and/or sensitivity after your wax appointment. Our wax specialist will apply soothing oil and lotion to the treated area to reduce tenderness and redness.

Be gentle with your skin after waxing. Limit sun exposure, heat, and abrasive materials for 24 hours.

Exfoliate 1-3 times per week after the first 24 hours to limit ingrown hairs.

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Facial Waxing Services, Body Waxing Services for Everyone & Bikini Waxing Services for Women

Body Waxing Services for Everyone

  • Half Arms Wax-Elbow to wrist.
  • Full Arms Wax-Shoulder to wrist.
  • Half Legs Wax-Hip to knee OR knee to ankle.
  • Full Legs Wax-Hip to ankle.

Bikini Waxing Services for Women

  • Bikini Wax-Follows the front panty border.
  • Thong Bikini Wax-Follows the front panty border and rear strip.
  • Brazilian Bikini Wax-Full front wax and rear strip

Facial Waxing Services

  • Brow Design-Custom brow design, based on your natural eyebrow shape and style preference.
  • Brow Wax-Follows the natural shape of your eyebrow.
  • Lip Wax-Removes the hair from the top lip.
  • Chin Wax-Removes the hair from the chin.
  • Lip & Chin Wax-Removes hair from the perioral area to below the chin.
  • Sideburn Wax-Removes hair from both sides of the face.
  • Full Face Wax-Includes Lip, Chin, both sides of the face, and Brow waxes.