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Massage Therapy Services

What We Offer

30 minute, 60 minute, and 90 minute massage sessions

In addition we also offer other therapeutic services

Massage and Avazzia biofeedback microcurrent service

Massage and Cupping

Pain Treatment Melbourne

Therapeutic Massage is a general term used to describe any massage modality that aims to relieve pain and reduce stress tension. Massage is most commonly used to reduce stiffness and pain by releasing contracted tendons and muscles, allowing blood and oxygen to flow freely to those areas. Muscles that are consistently overused or underused such as the lower back (sitting or standing for long periods of time) and neck and shoulders (desk or manual labor jobs), will feel bound-up and tighter as time goes on, if left untreated. For stress reduction, massage is often coupled with breathing techniques to regulate the parasympathetic nervous system (our ‘rest and reserve’ mode). This leaves the patient feeling lighter and at peace.

Natural Skin Care Melbourne

Tui Na is a form of chinese massage, using a combination of acupressure and superficial bodywork techniques to relieve tension. It is a lighter version of most therapeutic massages, working mostly with myofascial tissue and trigger points. Commonly used as an adjunct to complement an acupuncture or cupping treatment to redistribute blood and oxygen.